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The red line

Finding the right insurance broker does not have to be hard work. Whether you are looking for the right commercial insurance or an individual insurance policy, SB Protect is here to help. Our team of independent insurance brokers, do not charge  commission and we don’t markup the rate.  That means you get the lowest possible price!

During your free consultation, we will walk you through the details of your current coverage offering advice on when it’s time to upgrade. You will get an honest assessment of your insurance needs to help you to decide what level of cover you require. 

More than just your insurance partners, we always make sure to get to know our clients so we can fully understand where they are heading. This way, we can provide the best advice on the right insurance plan. Additionally, we work closely with you every step of the way to make sure the process of application, payments, and claims is as hassle-free and easy as possible. That way, you can enjoy your insurance coverage without the headache!

Let’s discuss your plans and get you the best insurance plan possible!

Work Insurance

Commercial Insurance

SB Protect comes backed by a team of professional insurance brokers who source and negotiate the best coverage at the lowest possible price. Each insurance broker is a fully licensed insurance agent who has worked with a wide range of businesses across Australia. SB Protect has built an outstanding reputation for providing quality products and services at affordable prices.

Personal Insurance

Caring for those that matter most to you is a part of being human. You deserve the very best in insurance and financial security. Protect your loved ones and secure your future so you can enjoy life.

It is so important to have adequate insurance. By getting the right insurance for your home, contents, vehicles and medical needs, you can enjoy the benefits of a worry-free life.

Working Insurance

SB Protect Insurance brokers offer a complete range of Insurance Products. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the best Risk Management Solutions to our valuable clients.